Frequently asked questions:

  • How soon can I travel to work?

    The time and speed of departure depends on multiple factors. First, the date of signing an agreement is important, so the priority is given to those who first signed the agreement.

  • Is it possible to go with a husband/wife or friends?

    Of course, yes, but if you want to live and work together, you should choose places where groups are allowed. Otherwise, we can agree only on the region.

  • How to process all necessary documents?

    Independently on the country, where you are going, an employer and persons responsible for human resources will help to process all documents and provide guidance. Legal job provides all social guarantees, as taxes are deducted from the salary in accordance with certain country law.

  • Where to live after arrival?

    Employer takes care of accommodation before you come; often flats with several rooms are rented. 2-3 persons share the accommodation.

  • How is salary paid?

    Salary is paid once a week or once a month, depending on the workplace; salary is paid by bank transfer to a local personal bank account or by bill. Cash is paid in very rare cases.

  • Is food available for free?

    Often employer will provide meal 1-3 times per day.

  • How to reach workplace from the accommodation?

    You can reach it by foot, public/your own transport or to use employer staff transporting services to and from place of job.

  • What clothes do I need?

    In most cases clothes are provided by the employer, but in any case, convenient shoes are necessary. If you are going to work as a waiter or barman, black clothes and shoes are recommended.

  • Whether the persons with residence permission in Lithuania can use your services?

    We provide consultancy to all EU citizens.

  • What documents do I need to travel?

    You need a personal identity card or a passport. Any other documents, i.e. driver licence, medical certificates etc. are not obligatory.

  • How often can I take a vacation?

    It depends on the specifics of work, but in most cases, you can take a month vacation once a year; it is not possible to go back home every month.

  • Do I need to inform anybody before the departure?

    Yes, you need to inform State Tax Inspectorate.

  • For how long can I work?

    In most cases agreements with employers are open-ended (for a permanent job); you can terminate the agreement by informing the employer two weeks before you are going to leave.

  • How the departure is organised?

    We provide consultations and assist in booking the flight.

  • What would you recommend for those who speak English?

    We would recommend a job in service sector, factories and positions in accordance with your education and work experience.

  • What would you recommend for those who does not speak English?

    Hotel sector.

  • Whom would you not recommend going abroad?

    Those who like drinking, get into conflicts, faineants and roughnecks.

  • What should I pay attention at when writing my CV (curriculum vitae)?

    1. CV should be in English. We provide CV preparation and translation services.

    2. Personal data, education, work experience, language skills and other competences should be clearly described.

    3. Photo should not be provocative, remember that it creates the first impression about you.

    4. When sending CV please indicate what you are interested in and when you want to travel.

  • How can I find out about current offers?

    Follow information on the title page of our website, contact us by phone, visit our office in Vilnius or inquire by email.

  • What are the guarantees that I will not be cheated and get a job upon the arrival?

    We have been working for a long time and we are an experienced agency. We offer legal jobs only. You get a work agreement from an employer, all workplace contact information as well as contacts of employed clients.

  • How the process is organised?

    The agreement with our agency is signed, then your data are sent to an employer, a conversation is organised (not in all cases) and the work agreement is received for the workplace you have selected. All jobs are legal, so, when you arrive you get all social guarantees.

  • Are your services fee-based?

    Employment service is free of charge, but additional services, for instance, finding accommodation, processing your documents, consultations, meeting, travel are fee-based.

  • Can we inquire you after the departure?

    Of course, yes. If you live abroad we can communicate by internet or phone and solve all issues remotely.

  • Will somebody meet me in the foreign country upon the arrival?

    Yes, but you may need to pay for meeting at the airport.

  • I am a student who would like to have a placement abroad. Can you help me?

    We help to find a placement in accordance with your profession. We collaborate with Erasmus+ departments at universities and colleges.

  • If you have not find an answer to your question, please contact us!

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